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How to apply for FREE SSL Certificate

SSL certificates protect all sensitive and private data transferring via websites and online systems. SSL certificates gain trust from end-customers and boost sales by increasing conversions. Certificates help to get higher ranking positions since Google added SSL certs to its algorithm. Kalpraj Solutions provides all possible SSL certificates available on the market, starting with Domain validation till Extended validation certs.

Buying Expensive SSL certificates not always possible sometimes. But worry not we have got you covered. To make sure everyone on Internet get premium SSL certificate we are providing 3 Months SSL certificate with unlimited reissues. means you just have to renew your SSL certificate every 3 months without paying for a single penny.

In Given Article I will explain how you can get Sectigo, RapidSSL and GoGetSSL DV (Domain Validation) SSL for Free. Just follow the image included instructions to get your free SSL certificate today.

Buying Free SSL certificate is little tricky but in this post you will understand it quickly using given guide with pictures.

Please follow the instructions below to get your Free SSL:

  1. To get started you must Login or Create New account on the Kalpraj Solutions web panel.
  2. Select any Popular SSL brand available in the list.
Currently Available Free SSL providers at Kalpraj Solutions

3. Click on Continue to proceed in checkout page. Then you will be redirected to the configuration page.
4. On configuration page you will have to provide a very important data for your SSL certiicate.
5. Enter your desired hostname e.g.
6. The page will refresh and show you an Approver Email list. (You will need inbox access to any shown email address that you will choose. )

Hostname with Approver email address (

7. Now it comes to CSR a little tricky option. To get your CSR you will have to get it from cPanel following this post. Or you can generate new CSR from this website

CSR without passphrase.

8. Select your Webserver type from the list. and fill in the CSR details.

9. Note: while selecting City make sure to put only Country Initials like for India its IN for United States its USA

10. Enter valid Email address. (You will receive your SSL certificate via email on this Email address.)

Once you fill in these details you will have to create a new account if you don’t have one else log in to an existing account. then click verify and proceed to complete the process.

In this way you will complete your first step of placing SSL order. once above process is complete you will receive verification email from verified SSL provider like shown below.

Email verification from Sectigo with verification code.

Once you receive the email just follow the link and you will be redirected to the verification page.

Verification page

Once you enter the verification page you are done.

You will receive SSl certificate to your email account with text and zip files.

Follow this article to understand how to install SSL certificate to your cPanel hosting.

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